New 3% Loan for Atlanta First-Time Homebuyers

first time buyers

Avalanche Mortgage may be able to get you into your first home with just a 3% down payment.

Aimed at helping first-time buyers invest in their own homes, the brand new program could get you into a median-priced Atlanta area home with less than a $6,000 down payment. That’s almost $1,000 lower than an FHA loan (a common choice for first-time buyers) and about $3,500 lower than the minimum for a typical conventional loan.

Plus, because of our different mortgage insurance requirements, your monthly costs may be less than those of an FHA mortgage.

If you’re dreaming about a single-family home, please ask about our 3% down program. In fact, you can ask right now using this simple request form.

You may be moving into your new home sooner than you think!